Clean Red RWB Porsche 964 Turbo

With CCW Classic 2 Forged Wheels

Red RWB Porsche 964 - CCW Classic 2 Forged Wheels

Clean Red RWB Porsche 964 Turbo

With CCW Classic 2 Forged Wheels

This project –  in every facet of its being – symbolizes what an automotive work of art stands for. While RWB hasn’t ceased to raise controversy in the automotive world ever since its inception, the sheer level of detail and hard work going into each and every RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF build is impressive. In turn, that makes every RWB project a staggering showcase of how blood, sweat, and tears can result in a unique Porsche build. Simply put, you cannot just nonchalantly glance over it and not be amazed by at least some portion of it.

If you were somehow missed by the craze that is RWB, let’s review a bit. The monicker RWB stands for RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF – or, if we would translate into English, it means “Rough World”.

In a nutshell, RWB is a Japanese tuning company that devotes its attention solely to Porsche as a tuning platform. They combine Japanese and Euro styling elements, creating a unique tuning style for the Porsche chassis. RWB does only one build per owner, making their work a highly coveted item in the automotive world.

The company started off as a small tuning facility, located in the heart of the countryside in Chiba-Ken, a prefecture of Japan located in the Kantō region, and the Greater Tokyo Area.  After starting as a small enterprise, the company slowly became a common sight on both the streets and racing circuits of Japan. In recent years, the popularity of RWB enabled them to spread all over the world, creating unique pieces of automotive art for each and every Porsche customer out there.

Since RWB creates only one Porsche build for each customer, these projects tend to go beyond being just a tuning build. The whole experience of it is something that transcends into a sort of a personal quest for many owners. The sight of Nakai-san doing work, cigarette in mouth and dirt on his hands may well be the most notable scene in the world of automotive tuning in the recent decade.

The RWB widebody kit by RWB fits perfectly on this oldschool Porsche, giving the car an impressive wide stance and an aggressive look throughout.  On our end, we’ve machined a set of extra deep-dish CCW Classic 2 wheels, finished in a Polished Gloss finish, providing that perfect exclamation point for this build. If you wish to order a custom-made set of wheels like these or have any questions regarding our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away.

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