Dark Highland Green Ford Mustang CCW Classic Wheels in Dark Bronze

Green Ford Mustang - CCW Classic Wheels in Dark Bronze

Dark Highland Green Ford Mustang CCW Classic Wheels in Dark Bronze


Featuring the heritage Dark Highland Green, CCW Classic three-piece wheels, a MOMO MOD.07 steering wheel, and high-performance sticky tires, this Ford Mustang both looks and drives well

In the car world, some colors strike differently than others. With Ferrari, it’s Rosso Scuderia. With Porsche, it’s Guards Red, Mexico Blue, or GT Silver. However, every car manufacturer has a green shade of color that looks striking on their cars. While British Racing Green or Kermit Green might be the most recognizable color schemes for European cars, when green is concerned with American muscle cars, it’s Dark Highland Green that strikes best. After all, it was the color that Ford chose for the Bullit Mustang. And even though the fourth-generation Mustang didn’t get as much love as its predecessors and successors, it’s still a gorgeous-looking vehicle with a powerful V8 engine.

In 2004, Ford produced a special 40th Anniversary Edition of the Mustang. As an $895 option available in both Standard and GT editions, coupe or convertible, it consisted of 40th Anniversary badging, enhanced interior with “40th Anniversary” floor mats, painted folding exterior mirrors from the Cobra models, a tan cloth convertible top (instead of canvas), Arizona Beige painted “Bullitt” wheels, and Arizona Beige stripes on the hood, trunk, and lower bodyside. However, for some reason, the anniversary package was only available in Crimson Red (exclusive to package), Oxford White, or black. And that was a shame.

Green Ford Mustang - CCW Classic Wheels in Dark Bronze

However, this owner made sure to correct that. This particular Ford Mustang comes with the aforementioned Dark Highland Green paint scheme and some lovely aftermarket mods. In turn, this is a true representation of what the 4th Generation Ford Mustang Bullit should have looked like.

Apart from the paint scheme, this particular vehicle comes with a set of CCW Classic three-piece forged wheels. Adorned with a classy Dark Bronze finish, these classic mesh-spoke wheels work flawlessly with the green exterior of the vehicle. Furthermore, sticky Yokohama Advan AD052 tires help translate the V8s power into forward (or sideways, whichever way you prefer) motion. Furthermore, you’ll find a completely revamped interior, showcasing a MOMO MOD.07 steering wheel, giving this vehicle a great interior addition. In turn, this Mustang feels right both outside and on the inside.

You can grab a detailed look at this Dark Highland Green Ford Mustang with CCW Classic wheels right below.


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