2018 SPOCOM Anaheim CCW Wheels

2018 SPOCOM Anaheim CCW Wheels

CCW Wheels shines at one of the nation’s top automotive & lifestyle events

Last month, CCW Wheels took part in the 2018 SPOCOM in Anaheim. The event took place on July 14th, 2018, from 4 PM – 10 PM, giving us an opportunity to showcase some pretty exciting client builds and, of course, our forged wheels. Additionally, numerous vehicle builds, flush with aftermarket parts & modifications were on display. Marking SPOCOM as one of the best events in the country for aftermarket tuning aficionados.

SPOCOM is the nation’s largest automotive consumer exhibit and show that focuses on the culture surrounding young adults. Each event features over 75 of the industry’s top brands, media, and event promoters on display. Furthermore, over 350+ of the nations top show cars are competing for the most prestigious car show trophy in the country. The SPOCOM tour reaches out to automotive & pop culture tastemakers alike. The event brings together various industries that cater to the younger generation, offering a unique experience to its attendance by offering discovery in every facet of their young adult lives. SPOCOM joins a unique formula of automotive culture, apparel, collectibles, photography, dance, and cinema, creating a perfect venue to visit.

The CCW Wheels 2018 SPOCOM booth lineup consisted of Frank Martin’s Mazda Miata with a set of CCW D11L wheels, a widebody Subaru Impreza rolling on a set of CCW LM5T directional wheels owned by Eddie T., Jerry Moralas’ Black Toyota Supra with a set of CCW Classic wheels and and making the drive all the way from Texas was Henry Avery in his Honda Civic rocking a set of CCW LM5T forged wheels. Additionally, Sergio M’s Mitsubishi EVO 9 on CCW D110 wheels was featured in the CSF Radiators booth. While Tony’s Liberty Walk widebody Dodge Challenger sporting black HS016 wheels could be found not far from the entrance.

The CCW Wheels booth filled with impressive aftermarket builds, showpiece CCW wheels, goodies like stickers, license plate frames, and lanyards, our fans and customers additionally had an opportunity to hang with the CCW Wheels crew, helping them find that perfect wheel setup. You can grab a detailed view of the entire event in the media gallery right below.


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