• Standard vs Front Registered Centers?

    Unlike some other wheels on the market, Classic centers cannot be changed from standard (face) mount, to front register (reverse) mount. The machining process between the two parts is noticeable different.

  • Can other hardware be used on CCW modular wheels?

    No, each center is specifically machined to utilize the hardware in which they were originally built with. Use of any hardware other than what the wheels were initially supplied with, can alter the wheels structure and strength. Doing so will void any manufacturer warranty.

  • Where can I find an Authorized CCW Dealer?

    We have a very select dealer base that is based on superior customer service practices, technical expertise and loyalty to our brand. Please call us @ (386) 258-0083 for a dealer near you or to purchase CCW wheels directly.

  • Will you sponsor my car?

    While we appreciate your interest, we do not get involved with sponsoring cars as our pricing structure is based on not having any marketing or distribution costs.

  • Do you require a deposit?

    All CCW wheels are tailor-made for our customers and each set is unique. That said, we do require a deposit prior to processing orders due to the product’s special order nature.

  • General Cleaning (polished, painted & anodized)?

    The finish on your wheels, should be treated the same as the finish on your car. A mild dish or car wash soap is plenty enough to remove the dirt and grime accumulated from normal driving. Use extreme caution if using any commercially available wheel cleaners, as many are acid or lye based which will ruin the finish on your wheels. We suggest staying away from wheel cleaners all together as a general rule of thumb.

    For further cleaning and wheel care, click here.

  • Polishing and Sealing?

    Polished wheels require additional care and maintenance to keep the factory shine. The finish will diminish naturally without proper and constant maintenance. To restore the polished finish, we recommend use of a good quality custom wheel polish, designed for bare aluminum wheels. Busch’s Super Shine Polish (available through our online store) is what we recomend to bring back that high polish finish.

    After polishing, a good metal sealant will reduce the frequency in polishing, and help to repel brake dust build up and water spotting. Shine Seal (available at is the best product we have found to keep your polished wheels looking new.

  • Warranty Information

    Please see our Warranty page for more information.

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